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Balku Singh is the son of Lt. Keswar Singh. He is 35 years old and lives in the village of Kurum, surrounded by mountains, rocks, dense forests and rivers. There are numerous caste issues, special and cultural norms prevalent in his village. Balku Singh belongs to the Raitiya community (OBC), which doesn’t allow pig farming because of these social norms. Being a marginalized farmer, he was unable to generate a good income. Hence, he and his family was facing the food insecurity problem.

Considering the current situation, he wished to develop another income-generating activity through an alternative method to escape from his previous turmoil. He, then, attended a NSVK/CARITAS’s training on pig farming. Thereafter, still increasing his knowledge regarding pig breeding during other meetings in Ranchi (Agriculture Training Center), he decided to start his own business. He started to keep the pigs in his house and vaccinate himself and the animals on his own. He is currently earning around Rs. 20,000/- per year. Since he belonged to a low caste, Balku Singh used to be left out of the development process. But now he’s an example for this community.

Earlier, he was deprived, segregated and didn’t have any financial means. NSVK/CARITAS’s support brought a change in his life by giving him two piglets to start his business. Soon after, he was able to begin his entrepreneurship activity, make ends meet and provide all his family’s needs.

He believes that SCIAF is a blessing in disguise for him. Through NSVK’s and Caritas’ support he now has a different life. He is thankful to SCIAF, Critas India, and NSVK, Gumla.