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Our Vision:

To establish an egalitarian and non-exploitative “Sarvodaya” social order that will promote and uphold justice and economic self-reliance.

Our Mission:

To organize, empower and initiate sustainable development processes with the underprivileged and the marginalized communities so that, they can access and control essential livelihood resources.


Organization building to mobilize people’s pressure to resolve and address land problems related to:

  • Bhoodan and Land Ceiling Act;
  • Regularizing settlements of homestead and cultivated land;
  • Land distribution to the landless and homestead land;
  • Access to land and forest produce for traditional forest communities;
  • Women, land rights and gender.
  • Land, forest rights and livelihood.
  • Empowerment of women, especially in relation to their equal right to land and property.
  • Conservation and regeneration of natural resources for local livelihood and food security.
  • Community organization, awareness building and capacity generation of education and health.
  • Advocacy and Networking with the Government and other stakeholders.
  • Promotion of traditional culture, with value-based education.


  • Alliance building with like-minded groups and promote networks for social transformation.
  • Public policy analysis, discourse and dissemination.
  • Capacity building and Institutional building for sustainable livelihood.
  • Resource material collection, compilation and dissemination for awareness generation.
  • Developing potential base for human resources.
  • Promotion and strengthening of local institutions and youth groups.
  • Promote development models for encouraging sustainable livelihood and forest rights.