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Pithartoli is a village under the Dahupani Panchayat in the Palkot block of the Gumla district, in Jharkhand. The village is 10 km far from the block and 40 km far from the district headquarter. Previously, Dari (traditional well), hand pump and the river were the only source of drinking water and irrigation in Pithartoli. As long as the water remained in the wells and hand pump, the villagers used it for drinking and bathing purposes. The villagers also depended essentially on the river to fetch drinking water. However, people didn’t have sufficient drinking water both for their consumption and agricultural activities.

Narayan Singh and his family (Mother, wife, one son and one daughter) are one of the community inhabitants from the ages. He is a small farmer, completely dependent upon rainfall cultivation. He has a small patch of land around 25 dismal, which had never been cultivated for a long time and eventually the land became barren.

In 2010, Naya Sawera Vikash Kendra with the support of Caritas India started working with the community. The organization recognized the water scarcity in the community in all purposes. The NSVK constructed a pond and a well nearby his cultivation land. Now he doesn’t have any problem to irrigate his cultivated land. He can grow different vegetable crops for his family and can sell it in the local market.

The project changed his and his family’s life. Since he has an irrigation facility in his cultivation land now, he is being able to earn some money and consume nutritional food. He is very much thankful to SCIAF, NSVK and Caritas India for all the effort and support for the betterment of his and his family.